Headquartered in Fuzhou, Fujian, Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. was founded in August 1988. Since its inauguration, it has set up 108 branches and 1435 sub-branches in major Chinese cities. Its subsidiaries include Industrial International Trust, Industrial Bank Financial Leasing, CIB Fund Management, Industrial Consumer Finance, Industrial Wealth Management, and Industrial Asset Management. As a modern financial service group, Industrial Bank specializes in banking and engages in trust, leasing, fund, securities, consumer finance, futures and asset management.

Built on distributed storage, SmartX Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) effectively underpins our existing stable business applications and the scaling agile internet applications. Its agile features such as easy maintenance, simple scaling and quick launch are highly relevant to our needs for fintech transformation. Therefore, it can continuously support our business development and ensure alignment with technical development approaches of our headquarters, enabling us to move towards the future of cloudization.

Huang Jianping, General Manager of IT Department, Xi'an Branch, Industrial Bank


Not enough virtualization in production environments and scattered management of the physical machine architecture

Underperforming centralized storage and difficult resources scaling bring risks of a single point of failure

The legacy hardware of the virtual platform and excessive workloads hinder resources delivery

The existing complex infrastructure makes operations and maintenance a difficult task

Featured by high reliability and high performance, the HCI system simplifies the traditional IT infrastructure, and underpins stable and agile production business applications more effectively
The easy-to-deploy, more scalable system allows the IT team to fast enable business resources delivery
The HCI system software based on distributed storage, in fusion deployment with customers' commodity server hardware, offers a new infrastructure that reduces the total cost of ownership of data center
The simplified architecture and strong capabilities of operation and maintenance reduce the workload of IT staff
10% and 15% performance enhancement for MySQL database and performance assessment system running on SmartX HCI
The highly reliable and performant HCI supports production business with less hardware resources required
Scale and invest on demand, reducing the cost of IT resources arrangement
With rapidly iterating functions, the domestic HCI product offers local technical support
The simplified architecture reduces the cost of operations and maintenance management