ECARX is a stand-alone technology and innovation company with a strategic investment from global automotive giant Geely Holding Group. With its core products including vehicle chipsets, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, HD map, big data and IoV cloud. At present, GKUI, the intelligent ecosystem designed for Geely by ECARX has surpassed 2.3 million online 4G uses.

With all these years experience on SmartX technology, we can conclude SmartX HCI solution has outperformed all local HCI vendors in terms of reliability, functionality and performance. We will continue to expand our key application workloads, and construct our private cloud through the SmartX HCI platform with CMP (Cloud Management Platform).

Chief Information Officer, ECARX, Zhang Jinhua


Aging infrastructure unable to support the rapid growth and complexities of all core applications including SAP, procurement system, accounting system and R&D compiler system

Complex operations lead to long resources delivery period

SMTX OS HCI cluster on a hybrid node configuration provides greater flexibility and improves the cost to performance ratio
High resources utilization, able to support a mixture of enterprise applications and VDI hybrid deployment
Easy to arrange the resources allocation due to the simplified expansion and procurement processes for new infrastructure
Due to the infrastructure improvement, the requested resources delivery time was shortened from days to hours
Compiler system performance was improved by 4x
Applications & resources were well consolidated and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
SAP / Procurement System / R&D Compiler System