Founder CIFCO Futures Co., Ltd. ("Founder CIFCO Futures") is one of the first companies in China's futures industry and a large and comprehensive futures company controlled by Founder Securities Co., Ltd. ("Founder Securities"), with 36 branches nationwide. Through the business outlets of Founder Securities, it now runs a business network covering China nationwide.

SmartX HCI has met our requirements for high reliability, high stability and space-saving infrastructure. With a simple, easy-to-deploy architecture, it can quickly deliver IT resources and provide good support for the launch of our business. With continuous expansion in the future, we plan to deploy and run more critical applications on its HCI platform to better support our business growth.

Liu Zhuobiao, General Manager of Information Technology Center, Founder CIFCO Futures


Given the limited rack space and power resources, IT equipment needs to save as much space as possible and increase the density of computing resources.

Traditional storage systems have limited capacity expansion and cannot meet the ever-growing demand for data storage.

Traditional IT infrastructure takes a long time to move from deployment to resource delivery, and cannot meet the schedule for business launch.

Flexible delivery in software-only/all-in-one appliance modes
On-demand deployment of familiar VMware virtualization
Operation of multiple production systems, user business systems and office systems
Meet the business demand for instant launch: Compared with traditional storage architecture, the distributed storage of hyper-converged architecture has higher scalability, which is effective in supporting the instant launch of IT resources required by business expansion.
Reduce space cost and operation & maintenance difficulty: Hyper-converged architecture is streamlined and can effectively save rack space, saving up to 80% of deployment environment compared to physical machines, and further reducing architecture complexity and operation & maintenance difficulty.
Production system, user business system and office system: CTP (Comprehensive Transaction Platform) related applications, Hang Seng VIP gateway; database; attendance system and test environment, etc.