Foshan Women and Children Hospital is the first Grade 3A maternity and child health hospital in Foshan city of China. It has a long and well-earned reputation for women’s and children’s healthcare. In 2011, the hospital successfully carried out the first open fetal surgery in Asia. By 2019, the hospital ranked 21st among its counterpart hospitals in China. Now it has been developed into a large hospital with three branches.

Together with Foshan Women and Children Hospital’s professional development comes along its revolution in IT infrastructure. Ma Liming, CIO of the hospital, stands at the core. Ms. Ma’s IT team keeps innovating in digital transformation and has achieved various prestigious awards, including the China HIT Model Unit and the China Outstanding Digitalization Team of 2020. Ms. Ma herself was also named China’s Outstanding CIO multiple times for outstanding leadership.

We invited Ms. Ma to disclose the secret of the successful transformation of Foshan Women and Children Hospital’s IT infrastructure, in which she introduced the overall strategy and the adoption of hyperconvergence.

The hyperconverged architecture is very easy to use and requires less operations & maintenance effort. We can flexibly plan and allocate resources on demand. Besides, we don’t need to purchase additional storage devices, which saves 50% of rack space and reduces the pressure of UPS and heat dissipation. This helps us contribute to carbon neutrality.
There has been no single accident in the past three years since we launched SmartX hyperconvergence in 2019. We are also quite satisfied with Smartx’s regular inspection services.

Ma Liming, CIO of Foshan Women and Children Hospital

Mission-cirtical systems including integrated platforms, HIS, EMR, etc.