Sinolink Securities was established in 1990. It owns 8 branches and 68 securities business offices in China, and has received grade-A rating for five consecutive years in the information disclosure of all companies listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. "Yongjinbao" is an online brokerage service released by Sinolink Securities in 2014, which is the first online financial product the company has rolled out in cooperation with Tencent Holdings Ltd.


A physical server can only host about 4 virtual machines, with low resource utilization.

The increasing demand for servers and virtualization platforms inflates the TCO of infrastructure.

Standalone virtual hosts cannot quickly move VMs to redundant servers for software or hardware firmware updates, and need to do so on a case-by-case basis, resulting in repetitive O&M workloads and prolonged working hours.

46-node SmartX HCI system is distributed in 5 IDC server rooms in Shanghai and Chengdu
Building a private cloud resource pool with HCI to improve overall system operation efficiency and reduce management and operation costs
The original standalone virtual servers have been upgraded into a new infrastructure with high reliability
Flexible capacity expansion, keeping up with the rapid changes and elastic settings of Internet agile business
Five-time increase in hardware resource utilization.
80% space saving in IDC server room.
50% reduction in software and hardware acquisition costs.
60% reduction in O&M workload.
Full-stack "Yongjinbao" applications: web, middleware, databases