Founded in 1899, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University (GMU Third Hospital) is one of the first Western medical hospitals in China. It has 50 clinical departments, 14 medical and technical departments, 1000 hospital beds, and an average daily outpatient volume of 8500, and its main business includes obstetrics and gynecology (with a history of over 100 years), pediatrics, and orthopedics.

As a top-tier HCI brand, SmartX demonstrated a high standard of product reliability and openness in hardware compatibility. It offers flexibility to our IT Infrastructure design and reduces the hardware investment. Moreover, the SmartX service team provides all-round advice and solutions to address our technical needs and further planning.

Li Wenzhen, Head of IT Department, GMU Third Hospital


With new business systems coming online, the demand for infrastructure resources is rapidly growing and rack space is running out

The current architecture is not reliable enough to meet the continuity requirements of critical businesses

With the increase of business systems, the infrastructure equipment becomes complex and difficult to manage

Use different models of SmartX HCI appliances to form clusters for better VM deployment density and effective space saving in the server room
The solution combines multiple data protection methods, significantly improving system reliability, eliminating the risk of a single point of failure, guaranteeing that HIS, EMR and other critical services are always online
The simplified architecture makes management easier and resource delivery quicker to support the instant launch of new systems
Rapid deployment in 1 day, easy online migration of existing VMs to hyperconverged platform
40% performance upgrade over the original all-flash storage
2 on-demand smooth cluster expansions without downtime
25% reduction in overall procurement costs and 30% savings in rack space
PACS / EMR / HIS / GCP / DRG, etc.