Mark Fairwhale is an international original fashion design brand. The company specializes in menswear and has substantial market share in retail and commercial lines. With several sub-brand in the group, Mark Fairwhale is operating over 2500+ outlets nationwide.

With the company's new retail ‘Three-Step' strategy, I look forward to continuing work with SmartX as our partner to expand our data analysis & innovation capabilities and build a ‘New Smart' retail experience.

Chief Information Officer, Mark Fairwhale, James Zuo


Limited scalability and performance ability with the current architecture for rapid expansion of offline store network and integration between online and offline operations

Aging architecture unable to support business innovation and data analysis requirements

Improved the Point of Sales (POS) system transaction performance for 1600+ stores nationwide by implementing a 4-node SmartX HCI architecture
Simple and speedy migration of data and application workloads
1 Day
Deployed HCI architecture to production environment in 24 hours
1 Week
Full systems migration, include application, data and infrastructure in one week
POS database transaction performance increased by 5x
Operations and maintenance workloads reduced by 50%