Zhejiang Mingri Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Mingri Holding Group”) was founded in 1998. It has achieved rapid growth in the field of plastic chemical industry chain services after more than 20 years of deep cultivation, with close cooperation with more than 150 large and medium-sized petrochemical and coal chemical enterprises worldwide.

Mingri Holding Group now has over 20,000 downstream end customers, with a national distribution service network system in China, as well as distribution service platforms across Singapore, Vietnam, HongKong (China), and the United States.

We have built a stable, reliable, agile, and simple infrastructure through SmartX HCI after more than three years of collaboration, which has effectively supported our business middle office and facilitated our digital transformation.

Shen Qimin, CIO of Mingri Holding Group


Short time frame for resource procurement and system launch.

Need to build a flexible and scalable infrastructure to meet uncertain future demands.

Limited staff number for operations & maintenance.

Limited mature case studies in digital transformation for traditional industry.

Strong reliability: It supports over 200 virtual machines to support futures, HR, finance, and other applications; the all-flash architecture cluster supports the Business Innovation Platform, Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server.
On-demand scaleout: A total of 13 nodes were deployed in three phases (6,3 and 4) to build HCI resource pools.
Completed product delivery, test, migration, and operation within 2 months
Finished deployment within 2 hours
Shortened response time and elevated front-end experience
Met all operations & maintenance needs with 1 staff
Reduced cost by 50%
Ensured stable operation with all-rounded services
Middle Office, Big Data Platform, etc.