Everbright Sun Life Insurance Co., Ltd., founded in April 2002, is an insurance company of China Everbright Group. It is committed to providing first-rate products and services to meet customers' insurance protection and wealth management needs in areas such as pension, accident, medical care, education, asset management, and so on.


Traditional IT infrastructure has numerous issues, including complex architecture, high project construction costs, complex operation and maintenance, a high system failure rate, and insufficient system scalability.

During a four-year continuous scaleout, use cases progressed from Dev & Test to core databases
Five HCI clusters support thousands of virtual machines for critical businesses and core databases
Achieved distributed, cloud-based IT infrastructure transformation
Reduced costs while increasing efficiency, simplified operation and maintenance management, and improved IT infrastructure performance, stability, and availability
Met the needs for quick resource distribution and business launch to accelerate business innovation
Insurance core businesses, Oracle, MySQL