Bank of Tianjin CO., Ltd. is a listed company on the HongKong Stock Exchange. Since 2007, it has set up multiple tier-one branches in cities of China including Beijing, Tangshan, Shanghai, Jinan, Chengdu and Shijiazhuang. In 2016, it went public in HongKong (China). By the end of 2020, Bank of Tianjin has set up 223 outlets in China, including 1 business department, 6 center sub-branches, 7 tier-one branches and 6 tier-two branches.


Need to deliver a large number of virtual desktops immediately

The virtual desktop infrastructure must provide stability, high performance, and elasticity

Fully compatible with Citrix virtualization and VDI software
Support more than 1200 virtual desktops for development
A single HCI node supports up to 44 virtual desktops
Deliver IT resources within 8 hours:HCI has simplified architecture and is fast-to-deploy, allowing the 11-node cluster deployment to complete within 8 hours. Expansion for a new cluster also takes less than 8 hours.
High stability: Virtual desktops still run smoothly even when the CPU and memory usage of HCI cluster exceeds 90%.
Excellent performance: 100 virtual desktop can be created within 30 minutes, boot time can be limited to less than 2 seconds.
Desktop virtualization