Minmetals Futures Co., Ltd. is one of the first futures companies established in China. It has a registered capital of RMB 2.715 billion, making it one of the top China futures companies. The company's main business covers futures brokerage, asset management, risk management and international business. With a history of 20+ years, the company has grown into an influential futures company in the industry. As a director unit of China Futures Association, an outstanding member unit of Shanghai Futures Exchange and member of many other organizations, Minmetals Futures has received multiple recognitions over the years.

SmartX HCI solution helps build a new distributed IT infrastructure. Being highly reliable and performant, it supports the operation of most of our business systems and enables the quick launch of new systems. Its flexible features, such as convenient operation & maintenance and high compatibility, reduces costs and boosts the efficiency of IT architecture. All in all, the new IT infrastructure lays a foundation for future evolution of data centers.

Zhu Dashuang, General Manager, Information Technology Department, Minmetals Futures


Traditional three-tier architecture is difficult to deploy, and complex structure increases difficulties of operation & maintenance

Traditional centralized storage system is poor in scalability and prone to capacity bottlenecks

Current IT infrastructure takes too much space, making it difficult to build high availability architecture

8 expansions, 7 clusters, 38 nodes, 5 data centers - carrying most of the customer's production systems
Delivers in software or appliance, supports heterogeneous x86 servers and multiple virtualization platforms
Instant launch and on-demand investment: Starts with 3 nodes and scales out, quickly provides the required IT resources, reduces initial investment costs.
Architecture elasticity and flexibility: Delivers in software or appliance, supports heterogeneous servers and multiple virtualization platforms.
80% reduction in operation & maintenance workload: Simple and easy-to-use architecture, rich operation & maintenance tools reduce workload.
70% reduction in space usage: Streamlined HCI architecture reduces space usage by 70% compared to traditional architectures and lowers TCO.
Production systems: futures industry related applications / office applications / testing environments