Install SMTX OS from bare metal quickly

4 scenarios, 8 mins

1. Install SMTX OS

The system can auto-partition disks and help you to complete the installation quickly and easily.

2. Deploy the cluster

Complete configurations before using the cluster.

3. Install CloudTower

Quickly install CloudTower.

4. Connect clusters to CloudTower

Connect target clusters to CloudTower.

Manage infrastructure efficiently

16 scenarios, 32 mins

1. Create VM

Allocate computing resources, add virtual disks, and mount ISO images to VM.

2. Edit VM

Add CPU, memory or disk resources to a running VM.

3. Power operations of VM

Start, shutdown, suspend or restart a VM.

4. VM template

Create VM template and create VMs in batches from template.

5. VM snapshot

Create VM snapshot, then you can roolback or rebuild a VM from the snapshot.

6. Snapshot plan

Run snapshot plan periodically to auto-generate snapshots for target VMs.

7. VM migration

Migrate computing resources of VM to other hosts in the cluster.

8. VM placement group

Restrict the placement and migration of VMs so that they can run on the appropriate hosts.

9. VNC console

Access and operate the VM desktop remotely through VNC console.

10. Hardware management

Monitor the usage and performance of hardware, and unmount or mount the hard disk from host.

11. Hardware positioning and rack awareness

Check the hardware positioning and topological graph.

12. USB Passthrough

Mount the USB device to VM so that VM can use this USB directly.

13. VM and virtual disk I/O limit

Limit the I/O speed of VM or virtual disk to avoid a small number of VMs from using too many host resources.

14. Label

Manage and filter multiple resources through labels.

15. Cluster upgrade

Upgrade all nodes in the cluster in batches from CloudTower console.

16. MatroX Cluster

Monitor the available zone, witness node and network connections of MatroX cluster.

Quickly locate and export resources

3 scenarios, 6 mins

1. Global search

Search globally all the resources managed by CloudTower, or search in specific page.

2. Resource optimization

Intelligently diagnose and optimize virtual machine resources through preset optimization rules or custom rules.

3. Report

Preset report template to export reports instantly or periodically.

Comprehensive monitoring of cluster

4 scenarios, 8 mins

1. Alert

View alarm information and customize alarm rules.

2. Monitoring

Customize monitoring views and various monitoring graphs and export monitoring data at any time.

3. Log collection

Collect and export cluster logs in a specific time range and provide for troubleshooting by administrators.

4. Event audit

Perform security audit for user operatiosn in the system.