Considering running ERP, MES, or IoT services on hyperconverged infrastructure? SmartX HCI gets you on the fast lane to digital transformation.


  • Core system downtime is huge loss

    Manufacturing in the digital age depends on an intricate and diverse set of applications. For example, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) play a critical role in scheduling,  production, inventory, and so on. Once these systems go down, business is halted and the loss is immeasurable. There is no doubt that maintaining high continuity and availability of mission-critical businesses is paramount.

  • Smart manufacturing poses high pressure on enterprise IT

    As intelligent/smart manufacturing find their way in enterprises, the number and scale of enterprise IT systems have surged. Enterprise IT is faced with ever-widening gaps in headcounts, skill-sets and budgets. However, the gaps are not to be filled easily. This has pressured the IT department to look for ways to improve IT efficiency.

SmartX Solution for Manufactoring

  • Multi-level assurance to further improve business continuity

    SMTX OS can guarantee the continuity of critical applications such as ERP and MES at various levels with features like data replicas, self-healing, offsite-backup, and MetroX cluster1.

  • Optimized IT costs with a pay-as-you-grow model

    By converging IT infrastructure services on x86-based commodity hardware, SmartX HCI offers an alternative to the high costs of proprietary hardware. A flexible pay-as-you-go investment model greatly reduces upfront costs, future-proofing data centers as more apps will undergo the digital transformation.

  • Performance boosts


  • Simplified management for central and remote IT

    A simplified IT infrastructure is less demanding in O&M skills and makes it easier to put new systems online. The multi-cluster management feature makes ROBO (Remote Office Branch Office) IT management a breeze.

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