SmartX Halo P series appliance was the first in the industry optimized for Intel Optane persistent memory with App Direct Mode on cache acceleration and performed a 1,200,000 IOPS with 100μs latency from a three-node-based system.
The award winning Halo P series provides an out-of-the-box enterprise class HCI appliance, with SmartX SMTX OS pre-loaded, well tuned performance and simple to use visual management tools offer a high-quality world class experience to transform your traditional three-tier-architecture to a new era of HCI.
Halo P appliance is well fit for mission-critical applications such as OLTP database and machine learning workloads.

SmartX Hyperconverged Infrastructure

A product brief of SmartX Hyperconverged Infrastructure.

Consolidate and maximize the computing power and simplify the rack space1.

The traditional architecture

The HCI transformation

Fully integrated computing power and storage capabilities

In traditional data center, it required complicated hardware devices for storage and network equipment, and dedicated man-power for system maintenance.

HCI offers clean and simple architecture based on x86 server and simple network device, increasing your ROI and lower on-going maintenance cost.

Pre-loaded SMTX OS,
simple and powerful

Fully optimized performance and simple to use visual management tools2,

offer a high-quality world class experience to HCI architecture

SmartX Halo Appliance

Balanced Type


2U rack, 1 dual-socket node

24 × 2.5" or 12 × 3.5" disk bay

Maximum 80TB storage capacity

Maximum 8 PCIe slots

Optional GPU

Computation intensive type


2U rack, 4 dual-socket nodes

6 × 2.5" disk bay per node

Maximum 9.6TB storage capacity per node

Maximum 1 PCIe slot

Extreme performance type


2U rack, 1 dual-socket or quad-socket node

24 x 2.5" or 16 x 2.5" disk bay

Maximum 7.68TB storage capacity

Maximum 9 PCIe slots