Leading Hyper-Converged Infrastructure provider SmartX announced that it has been included in Forrester’s recently released report Now Tech: Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Q2 2020.


The latest Now Tech report provides an overview of the evolving Hyperconverged Infrastructure market and offers guidance to enterprises on how to select vendors based on their size, functionality, geographic presence, vertical market focus and sample customers.


According to the Forrester report, enterprises can use hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to simplify IT operations, deliver flexible and scalable infrastructure services, and reduce overall costs. But to realize these benefits, they need to perform adequate due diligence to select from a diverse set of vendors according to their current and future needs.


The report lists 21 HCI providers including Cisco, DellEMC, HPE, VMware, Nutanix, SmartX, among others. Forrester included SmartX in this report with regard to its agile, reliable HCI solution and reference cases covering Fortune 500 giants such as Bank of Communications, Taikang Insurance Group, as well as leading financial institute Guotai Jun‘an Securities.

Now Tech: Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Q2 2020

SmartX HCI solution is adopted in the production environment of the enterprises, revolutionizing IT infrastructure to enhance performance, reliability, scalability, operation efficiency and reduce TCO. SmartX customers are able to build flexible and agile IT architecture to better support demanding workloads and power their business system and innovations. At the same time, SmartX provides timely and proactive services, to address to customers’ needs on product deployment and application, winning customers confidence.


Thanks to all the benefits reaped from HCI, FSI customers decide to expand their deployment of SmartX solution to enhance the architecture for the evolving business needs, with initial purchase rate more than doubled for those customers working together with SmartX over 12 months.


“As one of the leading HCI providers, SmartX has been dedicated to product innovation and developing use cases in finance and other key verticals. Our goal is to bring differentiated values to customers in the crowded marketplace.” SmartX CEO and co-founder XU Wenhao said, “As the market continues to evolve, SmartX will develop cloud-native and enterprise cloud solutions, to increase the agility and maintainability of applications for all our customers.”


In addition to due diligence, Forrester also proposes more guidelines with regard to selecting vendor solutions. Enterprises need to reflect on their strength to identify the solution with a strategic edge, identify the right applications to host on HCI, as well as plan integrated operations management of HCI solution.


SmartX has also taken into consideration of those guidelines, providing software SMTX OS for enterprises to build HCI. SmartX has worked with ecosystem partners and customers to enhance the maturity of HCI with SmartX Ecosystem Partnership Program in the areas of servers, networking, virtualization, data protection, containers, etc. SmartX HCI has proven its product robustness and reliability via a number of reference cases.


The company already has a clear technology roadmap built for 2020, with related distributed block storage engine, and next-gen computing engine based on cloud-native technology in its pipeline.


With strong innovation capability and leading reference cases, SmartX stands out in HCI market in recent years and has been recognized in a number of international industry reports, for instance, Gartner “2019 Competitive Landscape: Hyperconverged Infrastructure, China”, “IDC Innovators: Software Defined Storage, 2019”, etc.

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