Why Choose SmartX HCI?

Reliable and Stable

The core components have been tested and verified in the production environments of a large number of financial services and institutions over a long period. Stability is guaranteed.

Excellent Performance

End-to-end optimization from virtualization, storage to the network layer; the world's first ultra-low latency solution based on Optane Persistent Memory (PMem) and 100Gb high-speed network; long-term verification of competitive performance by actual customer business.

Flexible and Open

Supports multiple hypervisors including VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer or SmartX's free native ELF; can be delivered either as all-in-one appliance or as standalone software, the latter supports mainstream server hardwares.

Simple and Agile

You can invest on-demand and expand online based on your business needs, starting with only three nodes.

What Does SmartX HCI Include?

Core Software


SmartX HCI's core software, with built-in distributed block storage, native hypervisor and advanced components including Asynchronous Replication, Intra-City MetroX, Network and Security. Supports other hypervisors from VMware and Citrix, etc.

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Software and Hardware All-in-One Product

Halo Appliance

Halo hyper-converged all-in-one appliances are based on dual-socket or quad-socket mainstream servers with built-in SMTX OS hyper-converged software, providing users with out-of-the-box all-in-one product delivery.

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Management Platform


CloudTower is the centralized, unified management software for SmartX infrastructure, providing rich management functions, user-friendly graphical interfaces (GUIs) and integrated interfaces for managing one or more hyper-converged clusters.

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Deploy HCI

in Your Way


Form of Delivery




Management Platform

Pure software

Widely compatible with mainstream servers.

Flexible support for heterogeneous clusters.

The delivered product is the HCI software SMTX OS.

All-in-one appliance with pre-loaded SMTX OS

The overall service of both software and hardware makes the operations & maintenance easy and simple, by providing a complete, unified management.

The delivered product is the Halo Appliance.

Choose a suitable hardware platform to build a hyper-converged system?

Download the hardware compatibility list.

SmartX's Native Hypervisor ELF

You can have production-level virtualization capabilities

without extra fees.

The delivered product is the HCI software SMTX OS or Halo Appliance, without needing additional virtualization software.

VMware vSphere

Continue to use the complete ecosystem of VMware virtualization, while still enjoying the advantages of SmartX hyper-convergence.

The delivered product is SMTX OS or Halo Appliance, and users need to purchase additional VMware virtualization products.

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CloudTower is a unified management software for SmartX infrastructure and a required product component of the SmartX hyper-converged system.

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Deployment Architecture

SmartX Native Virtualization Solution
VMware vSphere Virtualization Solution

Deployment and Operation/Maintenance

Follow our interactive online tutorials and experience the simplicity and convenience from installation to operation brought by SmartX HCI.

Online Trial

Use SMTX Migration Tool to easily migrate VMware vSphere virtual machines to a cluster running SmartX's native hypervisor ELF.

Experience the fully automatic and non-interruptive upgrades. The upgrade of system core software is one of the most concerned functions for IT operation & maintenance personnel. The one-click upgrade of SmartX HCI software brings a fully automatic upgrade experience without business interruption, thus avoiding the risk of manual operations.

SmartX Hyperconverged Infrastructure

A product brief of SmartX Hyperconverged Infrastructure.