Over the past 23 years, Guangzhou Jiumaojiu Restaurant Chain Co., Ltd (Jiumaojiu) is striving to make the most delicious Shanxi style noodles. Jiumaojiu’s growth over the past few years has accelerated in a very impressive way. It took Jiumaojiu 17 years to open 19 restaurants, but over the past three years, the number of new open restaurants has reached 90, 35 times faster than the preceded 19 years. In 2017, Jiumaojiu sold 50 000 bowls of noodles on average per day, or the equivalent of 34 bowls per minute. Now it has become the largest restaurant chain selling Shanxi pasta.

Like its many food franchise competitors, Jiumaojiu ran VMware on its legacy servers + storage IT infrastructure. As its business expanded rapidly, the legacy infrastructure’s storage space and performance could not keep up. Particularly, the slow query and the frequent table locking in the logistics distribution system became insufferable. The TCO, as a result, skyrocketed considering the high CapEx on the proprietary hardware and the low return on investment.

5 + core systems

Running delivery systems, Oracle, SRM systems, and WeChat-based online ordering systems.

3 x boost in performance

Delivery system query time is reduced from 621 seconds to 157 seconds.

SmartX helps Jiumaojiu build a web-scale data center
“SmartX helps Jiumaojiu build a web-scale data center”

When the HCI storage resources run out, the scaling that follows is as simple as hot-plugging more HDDs to expand storage or hot-adding more x86 servers to have more storage as well as compute resources. This completely meets our requirements for quick expansion.

-- Head of IT Department, Jiumaojiu