Over the past several years, Neptunus is making important breakthroughs in developing anti-cancer drugs and as the underlying base that supports constant innovations, Neptunus’ IT infrastructure must also keep pace with the company’s growth.

Unfortunately, Neptunus could no longer handle the company’s growth and in order to build a more efficient, coordinated working environment, Neptunus decided to replace its existing OA systems. In addition, Neptunus also wanted to integrate the ERP systems of scores of its acquired affiliates with that of the parent company. After multiple POCs with hyperconverged solutions vendors, Neptunus finally decided to deploy SmartX’s HCI as its new IT infrastructure, which not only would handle well current business needs but also capable of coping well with future growth.

2 mission-critical systems

are running stably on SmartX HCI.

Database migration efficiency increased by 1 time

Reduced the time consumption from 20 hours to 9 hours.

SmartX helps Neptunus build a web-scale data center
"SmartX helps Neptunus build a web-scale data center"

SmartX’s HCI not only enables us to cope well with the challenges brought by IT system iterations and integration but also capable of handling with ease scalings and more complex scenarios in the future.

-- Leader of the Neptunus IT project