Sundia Pharmaceutical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sundia") mainly engaged in outsourcing services of new drug research and development. Its business covers almost all of the key aspects of new drug R&D.

Sundia adopted SmartX HCI-based VDI to protect development data. SmartX VDI solution for Sundia is highly applicable across the whole pharmaceutical industry. As long as pharmaceutical companies are engaged in medicine R&D, HCI can be used to improve data security and management, improve VDI performance, and reduce maintenance costs.

150 + virtual desktops

are running smoothly on SmartX HCI.

SmartX helps Sundia build a web-scale data center.
"SmartX helps Sundia build a web-scale data center."

SmartX HCI-based VDI solution is the right answer to pharmaceutical data security and our apps also have better performance. We are more than satisfied with the multiple benefits.

-- Head of Sundia IT Department